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Red Fox Yarns LLC | (703) 865-6343 | 421 Church Street NE, Suite D, Vienna, VA 22180 | Open (with restrictions) 10 AM - 5 PM Tuesday-Saturday

These are the vendors and items we carry currently

Currently in stock:
57 Chapters Dystopia and Satire braids; Adjective Packs, Sparkle Your Story Packs
Anzula Cricket, Nebula (Nebula on sale!)
Araucania Alumco (Alumco on Sale!)
August Moon Farm Art Batts, Fiber Knots and Fiber Buns
Beet Street NEW!Silk Street Scarf Kits, What the Fringe? Shawl Kits, Kaycha Hemp Therapy Cloth Kits, Felted Genoa Bag Kits, Kauni Effektgarn
Berroco New! Aerial Color, Remix Chunky, Ultra Wool Hand Paints, Vintage Baby DK. CoCo, Comfort, Comfort Sock, Corsica (Corsica on sale!), Macro (Macro on sale!), Pima 100, Quinoa (Quinoa on sale!), Remix, Remix Light, Ultra Wool, Ultra Wool Chunky, Ultra Wool Hand Paints, Vintage, Vintage Chunky, Vintage DK (Vintage DK on sale!)
Blue Heron Rayon Metallic
Brew City Yarns House Sorting Mitt Kits, Melontini Victory Sock Blanks (On sale, very limited supplies)
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, Lamb's Pride Bulky, Stratosphere DK
Cascade NEW! Cantata, Cherub Aran Prints, Friday Harbor, Rebound Aegean Tweed, Alpaca Lace, Anthem Chunky, Cherub Baby Sport, Luminosa, Spuntaneous Super-Bulky, Ultra Pima Fine
Cestari Mt. Vernon two-ply worsted, Old Dominion kettle-dyed cotton (Old Dominion on sale, limited quantities)
Ella Rae NEW! Marmel Cashmerino Sport, Cashmerino Sport Speckle, Cozy Alpaca, Cozy Alpaca Chunky, Silky Kid
Fibra Natura Cashmere Lusso (on sale!)
Flying Goat Farm Roving (many types!)
Frabjous Fibers Blossoms Gradients (new colors!), Mad Hatter Sport (new colors!) Mad Hatter Worsted, Wonderland Mini-Skein Kits
Great Adirondack Yarn Co. New! Hand-Dyed Organic Cotton Fingering! Angora Blend Aran, Hand-Dyed Organic Cotton DK (Free Form colorways)
Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky
Heartfelt Handspun Fabric Project Bags, Rolags and Stitch Markers
Jody Long Alba (and Alba pattern book)
Katia New! Belevedere Cosmos, Cosmopolitan, Cotton Merino (new colors!), Versailles
King Cole
A note on King Cole yarns: we are unable to reorder King Cole yarn at this time (Brexit).
NEW! Big Value Chunky Tonal, Cherish DK, Drifter Baby DK, Drifter Aran, Chunky Tweed (Chunky Tweed on sale!), Island Beaches DK, Paradise Beaches DK, Tinsel Chunky, Yummy, Yummy Crush and Funny Yummy (Yummy family yarns on sale)
Knitting Fever New! Painted Clouds, KFI Gradient Sock Sets, Lace Degrade' Cotton Lace, Furreal, Painted Cotton, Painted Desert, Painted Mist, Painted Sky, Teenie Weenie Wool
Knit One, Crochet Too Batitste, Dungarease and patterns
Knitted Wit New! 20g/90yd Victory Sock miniskeins in brights and National Parks colorways
Kraemer Textiles Fountain Hill
Lana Gato Hydra (Hydra on sale!)
Lucci Yarns Luca Tape
Manos del Uruguay Franca (new colors!)
Mirasol Khusku, Nuna, coming back soon: Ushya!
Noro New! Akari
Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, Baby Alpaca Grande Hand Dye, Baby Alpaca Worsted, Dreambaby DK Paintpot, Dreambaby DK Solids; Diversity Sock; Encore (worsted): Neon, Colorspun, Hot Cakes; Encore Chunky, Encore DK, Encore Mega, Encore Starz; Forget-Me-Not, Galway, Hannah, Perlina Superwash, Viento
Queensland Collection Llama Lace, Savanna (Savanna on sale!), United, United Foursome (United Foursome on sale!), Walkabout
Rock Solid Designs Snap Project Bags (two sizes), interchangeable/dpn needle cases.
Skacel HiKoo Simplicity (HiKoo Simplicity on sale!), Addi Rocket2 (squared) Needles, Cotton Zauberball, Hikoo Abracadabra, Zauberball Lace
Unicorn Beyond Fibre Wash, Beyond Fibre Rinse (fragrance-free); Fibre Wash, Fibre Rinse
Universal Deluxe Tweed DK, Major, Uptown Worsted Heathers
Wild Hare
Fiber Studio
Stellar; Braids and Batts (limited quantities)
Yankee Dyer Dreams, Stride, Yankee Breeze, Yankee Sole II (All Yankee Dyer on sale!)
Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Lace, Superfine Bulky (Superfine Bulky on sale!)
Needles Chiaogoo Logo Knitter's Pride Logo Addi Logo

  Addi Rocket2 [squared] Circular needles; Knitter's Pride Cubics (straight needles, interchangeable needles, fixed circular needles, double pointed needles); Knitter's Pride Bamboo (straight needles, fixed circular needles, double pointed needles); Knitter's Pride Smartstix (double pointed needles, interchangeable needles) Knitter's Pride Zing (10" straight needles, interchangeable needles); Chiaogoo Lace (fixed circular needles, double pointed needles)
Hooks Knitter's Pride Dreamz, Knitter's Pride Waves, Knitter's Pride Bamboo, Chiaogoo Bamboo and Chiaogoo Steel and Bamboo,
Spindles 3-D printed spindles from TurtleMade
Bags New: XXL Bags from StarKnits! Heartfelt Handspun Bags; Rock Solid Snap Bags(two sizes) and Needle Cases; Starknits Tall Baskets, Medium Baskets, Small Baskets and Yarnlet Baskets, Project Boxes, Sock Boxes and Triangle Bags
Notions New order of lovely shawl pins and shawl sticks from Silver Siren Designs! 3D Printed Yarn Bowls from Allen Wight; Magnebuttons closures; Pins, sticks and stitch markers from Silver SirenDesigns; Sheep Incognito: Sheepy Prints; row counters, stitch markers, intarsia bobbins, coilless safety pins, yarn bowls from LennyMudd; Sock Rulers, needle gauges, cable needles, stainless steel sock blockers, stitch holders, measuring tapes, Wrist Rulers, flexible stitch holders... and more!

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