Making it up as I go…

Making it up as I go…

Last weekend, my mom had the great idea of making a cute little flag-themed dress for the store. By which she meant, of course, that I should make up a cute little flag-themed dress for the store, and knit it. So, away I went!

Yes, I’m designing it on the fly, and trying to take notes so I can replicate it (which will turn in a pattern so YOU can replicate it, should you wish!). And it’s a quick knit, once you get past the stranded-colorwork-with-built-in-increases part. (Let me tell you, the arithmetic for that part was not as easy as I hoped it would be when I started!)

The first one is finished, except for the weaving in.

Now I just have to turn my notes into a pattern, then knit the second one, then edit the pattern, make it pretty, and hand it to mom so SHE can knit one, since it was all her idea in the first place. All before the Fourth of July, so I can release it around then!

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