Wheat City! (And now, a yarnblog!)

I keep wondering what to put here… and then I realized my knitting blog is pretty much dead (thanks, Photobucket, for suddenly pulling a decade’s worth of pictures), BUT I HAVE BLOGSPACE.

So, welcome to what’s going to be the new “what caught CJ’s eye this week” posts – aka, the Red Fox Yarns knitting/crochet/whatever-other-craft blog!


So, I just finished knitting a REALLY fun pattern. It takes a lot to get me excited about a hat these days, but this was a good one! It looks WAY more complicated than it is (it’s not cables, it’s lace!).

It’s Wheat City by Alex Richards – and here’s the Ravelry link to it. It is a for-pay pattern, but it’s easy to follow, and results in a great hat!

Actual wheat for reference:
Actual wheat, for reference

And here’s my hat:
My Wheat City

And, for full disclosure, here’s Alex’s version, with pom-pom:
Copyright Alex Richards - Wheat City

It’s really cute, and fun to knit. What more could you ask from your knitting?

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