Adventure: Flying Goat Farm!

Today Husband & I went to Flying Goat Farm to find pretty things to bring back to the store. We got a bit confused/lost twice (and did NOT hit a cow!), but we found it:

(It’s a long driveway)

Lisa has, as expected, beautiful things! We got to see some of the process. Here are fleeces ready for processing:

Look at this fluffy goodness!! 

And then… the finished product!

I got soft squishy wonderful things. I got sparkly things. I got beautifully dyed everything. And fluffy soft fiber, too!

We didn’t get to see any fiber animals (too hot & humid, they were staying in the barns!), but we did get to see some Guineas and the farm dogs (and the barns). 

Decided to not deal with 270 South until tomorrow, and when we got to the hotel, this is our room key:

I think we’ve earned the rest of the day off!!

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