Wow, that went quickly…!

How did it get to be the third week of business already? It seems like time has been on fast-forward since February 1!  That’s a wonderful thing, though. The store is off to an AMAZING start, well beyond anything I had even dreamed about, and it’s all thanks to you, you wonderful customers, you!

New things arrive (Fibre Wash & Rinse! New yarn! Selected Schoolhouse Press patterns! 3-D Spindles!) all the time. Construction is still underway in the back room, so no classes are scheduled yet. There WILL be classes, though! (I’ll put something on ALL the social media as soon as I have a “when”!)

There are new knit/crochet groups on the Events page, as well as details on the Metro Yarn Crawl.  The Crawl takes place from MARCH 31 – APRIL 9, 2017 (that’s a Friday through the following Sunday, ten whole days!)

I just want to remind everyone that we have a military/police/fire/EMS discount. Just show your valid, current ID (for military, active AND retired work!) for 5% off your entire purchase!

That’s it for now, I need to get back to finding places to put the new yarn!


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