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Oh boy, don’t ever let anyone tell you opening a yarn store is a breeze! It’s been a fun couple of months getting all the little yarn-ducks in a row. It hasn’t been bad at all, but it has been a series of “do many things all at once” (wait for next bottleneck to clear) “do more things at once”!

As of December 1, we have the keys to the store. The interior renovations are finished – and they look beautiful! I love the cheerful blue of the floor, and the dark blue border. The walls are gleaming white, the doorknobs are shiny and new. As of yesterday, almost everything that needs to be in the store is there!

Things still on the list:

1.: A desk! This is the one thing my younger self promised: if I ever got my own business, I would get a beautiful desk to go with it. My older self is more focused on practicality – floating glass surfaces with chrome accents probably won’t cut it. I need functionality. (I won’t be upset if I find a workably-designed glass and chrome desk within my budget.)

2. A phone number! This one is in process – and if you’re reading this, you’ve noticed the x-‘d out phone number on the site header. This is because it does not yet exist. (I did put in a request for one of two numbers, if they happen to be available. We’ll see if either one is.)

3. Business cards, website, products and advertising: See number 2, above. I need that phone number yesterday! That’s the current bottleneck.

I think that means I get to dream about yarn and look for a desk until the phone number happens. (And, ok, build all the shelves for the store.)

It’s going to be another busy week!

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